Three days per week training, 30 week program
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We are proud of the success that our students have achieved both on and off the court. At the MTC academy students learn hard work, perseverance, dedication, integrity, compassion and love of the game. Our goal is that each student in addition to becoming a good tennis player also becomes a better person.

• Quickstart Tennis Program (Red Balls) Ages 3-7

– 1 hour classes for our youngest beginners and advanced beginners

• Junior Development Program (Orange/Green/Yellow Balls) Ages 6-12

– 1 and 2 hour classes for beginners to intermediate levels

• Advanced Training Program (Green/Yellow Balls) Ages 10-16

– 2 hour classes, intermediate to advanced levels

• High Performance Elite Player Training

– By invitation only

• Private Lessons for Junior Players

• Future Stars Program - Our future starts program teaches proper techniques,. But, more importantly , it focuses on helping children develop discipline and a love for the game while having fun and achieving success

• Classes: Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat

• Duration: 1 hour

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Three days per week training, 30 week program

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